Something wrong with the rights

We all know the world is going haywire, there are more humans than planned for and more human acts causing danger to this unique (self-declared) planet. In this context, I happened to notice some peculiarly obvious cases of ‘things in the wrong place’. These wrong things apparently however aren’t wrong to the makers or the doers, as they look at it as ‘the right thing to do’.

I’m here to question some of those decisions out there.

I’m from India, and we all here have seen this rapid progressively building concrete jungle over the last few decades. Most of this in the progressive cities where the IT boom has taken over, where you have more offices, more computerization of the systems, more need for those closed, tinted, air-conditioned rooms. As I may assume, it might have all started with the heat factor of the tropical region, a computer needs to be protected from the weather, later on mis-interpreted as a luxury fact for the ever-westernization-hungry country. By the way, about that, we Indians have always been fascinated with the western cultures, no – not the modern way of thinking, we plan to remain ancient in our thinking for more centuries (my previous post), but we like the way they do everyday stuff. You know, air-conditioned offices, houses, buses, trains, even the fucking bus stand or train stations for god-sakes! and then jazzy gadgets to keep everything in life just a button away, all automatic, luxurious ways of life. Oh! I forgot to mention food, we like what the westerners eat or drink, even if it is the silliest decision ever to substitute coke for water..duh. We are so crazy about it, that we can line up at the country’s only newly opened Starbucks outlet, there is this double-joke on us too. Am I off the point ? nope, just creating the picture of our minds.

So we want all this, we want our cities and airports to look like Vegas. I mean who wants those Banyans, Peepals, Gulmohars or many other leafy broad trees around, we’d instead replace them with 1% of it for some artificial, manually planted, non-shelter giving, manicured, called-so-for-the-heck trees! I’m always incredibly saddened by looking at those stupid Palm trees there at Airport campuses, IT Parks and the 5 or 7 Stars. Palm trees ? whoever came up with those ideas. We have coconut trees too, what about them ? I’m seriously disappointed in the landscape artists involved with them. It could be also true, that like many aesthetically gifted people  in this country, they get a lot of flak for being right. They are usually pressurized by this ‘upper management’ to do the IN-THING, so because they have the power, they think they know best, in reality when the only this they have is the MONEY, and no vision.

Ok leave the gardens, they barely are part of the landscapes anymore anyway. Lets look at the buildings. Now whoever came up the idea of those Glass borne structures, providing unnecessary heat to overall environment around them and requiring huge amount of air-conditioning to counter the former. If you give me the argument, they are easier to build, you can please take a shot in the head. Just to save some money, and be richer faster, there is this in-human clan of humans, that took such decisions. Decisions that are costing the coming generations a self-sufficient eco-system, which cannot be restored that easily. AFAIK, these ugly structures were first built by the IT companies, and they are still famous for humongous structures, and they are regretting some, for the maintenance and !

Which un-informed Architect would have first suggested these structures, they eat so much electricity and resources for maintenance.. Why do we always take the resources for granted? Why do we think, the air, the water, the trees will always be at our service ’cause they ought to be? Clearly, they have depleted beyond our imagination.

Also not to forget to mention, the Indian Art and style of architecture has been surrendered to these ugly buildings. Sad. We are losing identity.


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